Antique Engravable Gifts: Sterling Silver Personalized for Men

Usually when someone wants to give a sterling silver engraved gift to a man, the item is bought new and either taken to an engraver or engraved on the premises. For unique personalized items for men, and something meaningful, consider sterling silver antique engravable gifts – perfect gift ideas for Christmas, his graduation, Father’s Day, his birthday, or a special anniversary present.

Engraved Sterling Silver Pocket Watches

There are antique sterling silver pocket watches with designs to suit every man’s personality. Most sterling silver antique pocket watches were smoother with slight etched patterns on the case front and the other side plain and smooth, which makes them perfect for engraving. But some were heavily embossed with detailed scenes, and these can be engraved inside the watch case. There are also pocket watches inscribed for fraternity members that are worth pursuing if suitable.

For truly personalized items, antique sterling silver pocket watches are unique and engravable gifts But to find just the right one, begin searching well beforehand, and buy sterling silver online for the best selection. Keep in mind the antique pocket watch needs a clean area to be engraved by a professional engraver. If taking the watch or any other item to a jewelry store for engraving, expect to pay a dividend because the item was bought elsewhere.

Antique Engraved Sterling Silver Cufflinks

Cufflinks are great gifts for guys who have a reason to wear them. And antique engraved sterling silver cufflinks make them more unique. The cufflinks would have to be engraved on the underside, so they should be of a size substantial enough to do so. Antique sterling silver cufflinks are more affordable than pocket watches, and easily found on online auctions or online estate jewelry sales. These engravable gifts are personalized items most men need for those special occasions.

Antique Sterling Silver Engraved Pens

Antique sterling silver engraved pens are a perfect gift for a teacher, businessman, writer, and anyone who still uses a pen and paper or remembers how to use them. Pens are very engravable gifts. The engraving can easily go up the pen lengthwise. Try to pick a smooth and seamless pen, rather than one with an etched design that could hide the words or chosen design.

Vintage sterling silver fountain pens are an elegant choice. And if giving a fountain pen as a gift, add the accouterments like ink and blotter.

Engravable Personalized Items for Men

Other vintage or antique engravable personalized gifts for men might include tie clips, business card or calling card holders, cigarette cases, sterling silver snuff boxes for a collector, bar ware and table lighters. These are just a few sterling silver gift ideas that can be engraved.

Prices for sterling silver jewelry and especially antique sterling silver can be high. Begin searching early for engravable personalized items for men. For the best selection and the best competitive prices, buy antique silver online or visit large antique malls.

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