Pet Grave Markers in your Garden


Let us state the obvious. We all love our pet, don’t we? It carries such significance for us that no other alternatives can carry. We love them, play with them…. And share every little moment with them. We are concerned about every little aspect of them. When they are sick, we take care of them as we would have to any kids. They love us and we love them. It’s such a strong bind that is above any relationship in this world as, this love is unselfish in nature. An animal can love you with nothing asking in return. That’s why this love is pure. As generally, when we love someone/something, it comes with an expectation, but if it’s an animal, then this love doesn’t restrict itself. Which is why, their death takes a troll in our mind and we find it hard to recover after the loss. We not only devastated on day to day life but even after moving on, there will be some place in our heart which will always miss them.

This is why memorials, like LCMemorials, are held. It’s a device via which one pays tribute to the decreased and starts the moving on process. This moving on, doesn’t means we are erasing the memories forever, rather it simply means, we accepted the death as a natural course and hence came in terms with it without tarnishing anything legacy.


Call it headstone or urns, or paintings of the deceased, everything holds a way through which, true emotions are outlet. Every one of these is a great way to express the love that you had for the pet. Similarly, memorial in the garden for the deceased pet is also a way to show respect and tribute to the pet and to cherish the moment that you had together. If you are burying it on your own garden, it makes more sense to put something in the garden, in that place so that, even in future you could carry the memory of that place. Unlike the rest of the methods as mentioned before, memorials in garden is as important as urns because it is connected to physical aspect of the body. And putting a headstone or further customization brings a level of uniqueness which is a reflection of you and the ties with the pet. Yes, not all people can relate to it specifically of you don’t have a pet now or in the past but to those, who actually has, can realize what it signifies.

These decorations leads to further enhancing the place and the whole garden could be dedicated to the deceased pet in near future. Because as that place already carries a special meaning with relation to the pet, it is evident that, as time will pass by, this significance will hold more and more gravity. But even if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t mean everything went in vain. You will still relate to the deceased and this is a feeling, that’s out of anything materialistic as you loved your pet unconditionally.

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