Questions to Ask a Photo Booth Rental Company


Interest for photo booth rental has been steadily increasing with more and more individuals leaning towards their use. It is good to hear that a huge number of vendors have taken the necessary measures by slowly integrating their photo booth rental services over the internet. This in turn makes it possible for just about anyone to get in touch with them at any given time when the need calls for them to do so. Getting in touch with them can be a very good opportunity to ask them questions about their service. Let us look at a few questions you will want to ask a photo booth rental company before you decide to hire them for your upcoming event.


Photo Booth Rental Rates

One of the very first questions people have in mind with photo booth rentals is their rate. It should be noted that different companies can charge different rates which can depend on the quality of service they provide. Asking how much they will charge for additional hours is also a good idea especially for those unexpected events when not every one of your guests has taken a picture just yet.


Storage and Backup


Asking a photo booth rental company how they print, save as well as back their photos up can help free up your time. A number of vendors often provide CD or a USB flash drive to their client’s that includes compilations of the photos that are taken during the event. Others offer a physical copy with photo books which is great if you want something that is more tangible and easier to view.


Privacy Issues

It should be noted that some photo booth rental companies often post some of their client’s photos over their social media pages as a way to promote their services. If you don’t want to share your photos online for privacy measures, then be sure to ask them to refrain from doing so in advance. This in turn saves you from the hassle of removing these pictures only after a huge number of individuals have seen them.


These are some of the many questions you will want to ask a photo booth rental company. If so, you can find more information here. Aside from asking them online, you can also head over to their physical location for a visit to see the company. Asking them directly can also help you see the sincerity of their answers. Consider visiting a photo booth rental company today!

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