What Are Squishies?

Squishies have been growing in popularity over the years making it a popular toy which both kids and adults enjoy. A huge reason for their success is with it cute design and shape makes them endearing to many. Furthermore, squishies offer a huge amount of variety as there are plenty of designs to choose form. In fact, a number of individuals have started their very own squishies’ collections each with their own unique color and shape. But what exactly are squishies? Let us take a closer look at squishies and how they are being used today.

Squishies can be compared to the old stress balls of the past which were made to help relieve stress and muscle tension or in some cases, to exercise the muscles of the hand. Squishies function basically the same as they are also designed to help provide relief with stress by letting people release their excess energy with these toys. Stress balls however, just as their name implies, is limited with regards to their design. Most of them are spherical making them a bit predictable. Squishies however, help provide a breath of fresh air with these type of toys introducing new innovations and trends into the mix.

What makes squishies endearing is because of their unique design. These type of toys have no strict rule to follow which helps pave the way in introducing truly unique and out of this world designs. For instance, you will find squishies in a shape of donuts, ice cream sandwiches, chocolate rolls, pound cakes, pandas, hamburges, unicorns, milk cartons, and even bananas. The huge and expansive varieties of squishies means that a person’s collection may be vastly different when they compare them from others.

Another popular feature with some of the squishies is with the scent that they bring along the way. It is pretty common to smell a scent that reflects the squishies’ shape that they have taken. A good example of these are the strawberry squishies that can smell like berries, cakes that smell like delicious pastry and many more.

Squishies because of their growing fan base, is now considered to be one of the latest crazes in the present and we can’t see them dying anytime soon. Collecting them can be a great activity. The experience is often magnified especially if you have children with you as they will definitely enjoy looking and playing with these squishies. If you want to start collecting, click here!

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