Sitting for a longer period can make ageing quicker!!!!

Recent studies has revealed that, sitting for a longer period of time can affect metabolism of the body which indeed can induce ageing quicker by decreasing the efficiency of internal organs up to a point where they will be less efficient than what should have had been around that age. Not only that, it can also induce, memory related abnormalities where you will tend to forget things be it short term or long term.

Also added to the above facts, sitting in a position where the spinal cord is bent in such a way that it creates a tension all along the way, can create back pains which is often seen people that are involved in desk jobs with significant period of the time of the day.

The studies also revealed that, people who sits for longer hours, generally has more probability of suffering from high blood pressure than those who have an active life style. As the blood circulation is not up to par, chance of chronic diseases also goes higher. The women are at more risk than man due to perhaps role of female hormones yet, it is still unclear and though the study suggests that, it doesn’t give a conclusive answer.

But regardless of the age and gender, the decreased physical activity indeed creates a negative feedback inside the body which as a consequence, decreases the organ efficiency. In the end, your body becomes more susceptible to diseases as time passes by as your immune system becomes less powerful to combat external factors.

This is why, fitness in today’s age is very important. It enables you to cope your body against adverse effects from the environment and with increased immune power; the body can fight bacteria, viruses in a better manner protecting you from various diseases.