Recent analysis in Norway signifies that teenage girls together with excess weight or obesity are significantly more prone to experience breakouts people rather than women together with normal weight. Such research, the small woman is required to fill out a questionnaire that focuses on the history of the emergence involving acne in their face and body weight.

It is achievable in young women, although not with the boys. Excessive androgen hormones have the impact of additives on acne, said Dr. Robert Kirsner, Professor and Vice Seat of the Department involving Dermatology and skin surgery University involving Miami Miller Shool of drugs.

It is possible that the emotional effect of overweight in girls compared to boys, thus resulting in an increase in stress the bodys hormones in young women. Therefore, acne will come out, he added.

This research directed by Dr. Jon Anders Halvorsen in the Department of Dermatology of Oslo University Healthcare facility. Published on Jan 16, 2012 throughout Archives of Skin care. Researchers found that with regards to 10-20 per cent of adolescents with mild in order to severe acne problems stumbled upon many serious mental problems due to the significantly less confident and hard in order to socialize.

To investigate no matter whether there is a connection between being overweight and pimples, experts conducted a survey involving approximately 3,600 teenagers Norway 18-19 decades. In a questionnaire that has been distributed was asked to answer a number of participants, questions related to consumption of alcohol, smoking habits, mind pressure history and diet habits-especially with regard to the consumption of sugar, candy, chocolate, natural vegetables, fatty bass and potato chips.

The results show that there are about 10 percent of adolescent women and more than 15 percent involving teens having over weight man. Overall, Tough luck percent of all adolescent girls have acne breakouts. But when looking at just the girls who are obese or obese, this figure increased to almost 19 percent.

Halverson and colleagues concluded that excess fat has been associated with chance of acne on young girls, but zero sons. It should be observed, though research shows link between overweight and pimples, but this does not demonstrate causation.

Meanwhile, Dr. Franny Gelfand, Medical Director with the Department of Skin care clinical studies unit, College of Pennsylvania inside Philadelphia, said there should be further research to think about the relationship between obesity and risk of the look of acne.

Not a lot of researches out there that know what are the risk factors to develop acne. Today weve been talking about a disease that may have experienced all the men and women, and have an adverse impact on the quality of ones life. So the most important factor now is how to prevent it, he said.

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